Pandora Deep Trance Meditation
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Pandora Deep Trance Meditation

If you have ever tried meditation and given up because you couldn’t concentrate for long enough you’re not alone. Thousands of people who have tried meditation for a number of years have experienced a fast shortcut through meditation to reach deep meditative states in minutes using this incredible meditation hack.

After treatments at our Upminster clinic clients often:
  • Feel less anxious or depressed.
  • Sleep easier at night.
  • Communicate much better with family and loved ones.
  • Experience a sense of calm and peace.
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Pandora Star helps you reach deep mediative states in minutes

Pandora Star helps you reach deep mediative states in minutes

  • Have you already tried meditation?
  • Do you want to go deep into meditation very quickly and shortcut years of practice?
  • Would you like to dream whilst you’re awake and fully lucid?
  • Would you like to exponentially increase your attention span?

Pandora Star can accelerate your meditation practice and allow you to reach states of mind and being that is only available after many years of dedicated meditation practice.

Pandora Star has all your answers and MORE!!

Pandora Star Explained

Pandora Star Explained

While we’re awake our brain generally drifts between Theta and Beta wave states, then when we begin to fall asleep we travel down through these brainwave states into Delta wave frequencies and we begin to dream. Pandora has the ability to train your mind to reach these states very quickly as you recognise the familiar patterns, colours, thoughts and dreams that accompany your journey through your mind.

Most of your Pandora Star meditation experiences will be a journey through visual patterns and colours. With your eyes shut you can experience altered places of mind and body, travel through mindscapes, and experience deep meditative states that calm and balance your mind, lasting several days or even weeks.

Your Pandora treatment at our Upminster sanctuary

Your Pandora treatment at our Upminster sanctuary

Many clients have also used their Pandora sessions to:

  • work on their addictions
  • lengthen attention span
  • work towards desires and future outcomes.

Once your session is over you can gain more self-awareness and you will be closer to a place of creativity and pure potential, which can allow you to observe your own mind and be able to think before you react, as you would normally.

Pandora Star sessions are available in 30 or 60 min blocks, and each fantastic journey will be accompanied by calming relaxing music that is suited to the sequence or frequencies that you have chosen.

Group sessions are also available for up to 4 people wishing to share a life-changing experience together in the comfort of a healing sanctuary in Upminster.

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Pandora can take you to places in your mind that you may not have had access to previously. Go deep inside yourself for calm, peace and mindfulness.

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