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IBS Diet And What Do You Regularly Eat.

A Keen Eye on your diet when you’re suffering with or have been suffering with IBS is key to healing your body and your digestive system. And what goes into your body will have a huge effect on how your body feels and responds to the minerals and nutrients that you’ve eaten.

If you currently have or have had an IBS diagnosis what does that actually mean? Many people don’t actually know what it is and why it happens.  Many Doctors now are over-worked and have too many patients and not enough time. Also, many are under-informed on why specific conditions occur or what causes them in the first place and they don’t really have time to ask how YOU are? Well simply IBS is an irritated digestive system meaning that the food that is going into your mouth is causing you irritation as it’s digested. Somewhere along your digestive tract, which begins at your mouth, where you chew the food and ends at your large intestine where the digested food and waste come out. There are many contributing factors to this condition and the good news is that most anything is curable with the right guidance.

Firstly, What Is An IBS Diet?

An IBS diet is a restrictive or elimination diet protocol where you start to exclude certain foods from your daily eating routine.

An example of an IBS diet is one that maybe excludes wheat or gluten. So a gluten free diet is an IBS diet. Many people have seen huge benefits by cutting out certain food groups or food types and hence restricting the type of foods that they eat each day. This does not need to be a drastic cut out everything as most people believe or try. Sometimes slowly reducing the types of foods that is in your daily diet will allow you time to adjust to the new regime. You can then find new substitutes or alternatives to replace the items that you are eliminating. Well not too often this can seem like a huge undertaking and a little overwhelming. Once or twice a day you could make little incremental changes. This gives you time and will slowly help you to make healthier lifestyle choices and make a huge difference to your overall health long term.

An Organic IBS Diet

Moving onto an Organic IBS Diet will have a huge impact on how you digest food.

Pesticides are the modern day equivalent of drinking bleach. Pesticides and specifically Glyphosate will cause:

  • Neuro toxic effects
  • Nervous system problems
  • Reproductive and fertility issues. 
  • Cause Leaky Gut
  • Can cause Cancer.

Recently the World Health Organisation (WHO) provided evidence and warned of the issues with Pesticides used on our non-organic foods.

“Glyphosate’s use in UK farming has increased by 400% in the last 20 years.” Quote taken from Riverfords website link

Go Organic or at least move to a more organic diet for the sake of your Digestive system. You will notice the difference in your energy levels within days.


There is another IBS diet that seems to produce great results. From eliminating certain foods the FODMAP IBS diet is one where you temporarily exclude certain groups of foods from your daily eating routine. FODMAP stands for “fermentable oligo-, di-, mono-saccharides and polyols”. Try saying that with a mouth full of bread! To put this simply you can begin to eliminate dairy, eliminate foods high in sugars and fermentable carbohydrates. Essentially this is fructose and certain pulses and vegetables.

More information can be found on this website which has a great graphic on the FODMAP IBS Diet.

Gluten Free IBS Diet

If you have suffered with IBS for some time you have more than likely tried a gluten free IBS diet. You may have also noticed the fantastic improvements you experience very quickly. Many of the results from this Gluten free IBS diet are experienced due to cutting out the low quality Flour that is used in Bread. This long life and cheap bleached and starchy white and brown bread can be easily found on supermarket shelves. It is not necessarily the Wheat that most people are intolerant to. Most of my IBS clients are intolerant to and have had a long term exposure to glyphosate that is routinely sprayed over the fruit and veg that they regularly eat. Long term exposure to glyphosate will damage your healthy gut bacteria and as a minimum can cause an imbalance in your microbiome. Most people know that your Gut is your second brain. Glyphosate was designed to be a bug neuro-toxin and its long-term effects in humans have never really been explored. More recently data and information is starting to surface regarding how it’s linked to birth defects. There is a good chance that the recent incredible increase in gut related diseases is linked to glyphosate exposure in our food-chain.

Firstly cutting out gluten will allow your body time to begin to heal. You will then gently detoxify the glyphosate stored in your body. If you combine this IBS diet with the right combination of herbs and minerals. You will be glyphosate free in no-time.

Secondly have you tried changing the type of gluten or bread that you eat. Specifically removing white bread and breads that are highly processed will also allow you to begin to heal your gut. Kamut bread is an excellent alternative!

What About A Dairy Free IBS Diets

As you may have discovered many people are intolerant to Dairy. This can even begin at a very early age and normally worsen after antibiotics. When the good gut flora has been cleared out by a course of strong bacteria killing pharmaceuticals you need to replenish these probiotics.

Many people believe that dairy intolerance is because of the lactose in milk. The truth is closer to the fact that the dairy industry as a whole has now become so huge and such a machine led process. Certain practices aren’t as cow friendly or as clean as they should be or as they were many many years ago. If you’re interested in understanding more about dairy here’s a short youtube video on Dairy. This is not really suitable for children.

In Summary

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