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have you heard about an IBS diet?

Diets and Food elimination diets are key to your recovery. Learn how to improve your IBS and digestive health in a holistic and resourceful way by working with me each time we meet.

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Flush Away IBS

My name is Spencer and I work with people like you every day and can dramatically improve the impact that IBS has on your life. By using a range of techniques, personalised IBS diet advice and supplements we can begin to Flush Away your IBS.

All treatments are tailored specifically to you and your own personal experiences of this debilitating illness.

Some common and related symptoms that can be easily solved are constipation, Coeliac disease, Crohns, yeast infections/ Candida, diarrhoea, swinging bowels, cramps, bloating, wind, digestive pain, lower back pain, inflammatory bowel disease, headaches and reflux.

Would you like to:

  • Discover what is causing your digestive issues
  • Flush away persistent problems, so you have less episodes.
  • Severely reduce the impact that IBS has on your life forever.

During treatments we work together on finding out the root causes of why and when specific issues began and why your symptoms have developed. You can learn how to dramatically improve your symptoms. Our treatments together will enable you to begin the healing process so you can start to lead a normal life.

By discovering what foods are triggering your delicate digestive system with a personalised IBS diet and by eliminating certain foods you can begin to instantly feel less bloated and stop those cramps.

All of your treatments are holistic, meaning that we take into account and treat the whole of you. Using exercises, lymphatic rubbing, vitamins and supplements, personalised IBS diet changes all of this is learning about the specifics of your illness. As treatments progress you can learn about why certain foods trigger you and what you can do to avoid flare-ups before they even begin.

This powerful set of treatments also includes food allergy or food intolerance testing to find triggers that may not be the best for your digestive system. This allows you to recover faster and enable your body to digest the food you’re eating easier without irritating your GI tract.

Treatments are held at the amazing Sanctuary in Upminster in a private and healing environment with multiple treatment rooms. Appointments are available during the day, evenings and some weekends. All designed to work with and suit your busy and demanding schedule.

Your treatments and your healing is my number one priority both during and after the treatments. Follow up appointments and shared information is key to your ongoing health so we regularly keep in touch to ensure that you’re supported every step of the way.

Call me or email me using the details below to begin your journey to a super healthy digestive system.

E: Spencer@flushawayillness.com

T: 07876776830