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When your health suffers everything suffers. By working with me you can start to enjoy life again and stop being held back by debilitating conditions.


Making some simple lifestyle changes and being aware of the right choices, you will learn how to improve your health and well-being.

Our treatments together will empower you to implement long-lasting changes to your health with techniques and exercises that work, tailored specifically to you and your symptoms or condition.

Hi. My name is Spencer, work with me and you’ll notice a difference to your health in weeks.

  • Are you bloated or have cramps?
  • Do you suffer with digestive problems persistently?
  • Does IBS rule your life?

Our treatments together will help you to begin to understand why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling and give you tools and techniques in order to heal quickly and naturally.


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Stress And Depression
  • Are you Anxious or depressed?
  • Are you unable to switch off at night?
  • Are you Angry and Bark at everyone for no reason?

I am here to help you to understand why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling and give you tools and techniques in order to heal. 

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Deep Trance Meditation
  • Have you ever tried meditation?
  • Have you wanted to go deeper into meditation?
  • Do you want to dream whilst you’re awake and fully conscious?
  • Would you like to shortcut years of meditation for deeper meditative states?

Pandora Star has all your answers and MORE!!

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How I Can Help You







I started seeing Spencer some months ago after seeing several GP’s and getting no results with long term stomach and wrist issues. Within 2-3 treatments I started noticing improvements and I’ve gradually got to the point where I’m symptom free and feel back to full health, all whilst doing it naturally without the need for pharmaceutical drugs. He’s always happy to answer questions and it’s refreshing to talk to someone who actually cares about your health. I still see him once a month as a maintenance check up which i enjoy and can ask questions which i feel are relevant at the time. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough, thanks again.

Darren Hall

One of the best things I have ever done. A complete holistic approach to health and well-being. It has honestly changed my life and given me a great new outlook. Amazing.

Syed Ahmed

I can not recommend Spencer enough. His advice, support and help were invaluable to my recovery when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. His treatments identified the supplements that my body needed, I felt energised and emotionally lighter also after each treatment. I would recommend a visit even if you have no current ailments as it really is a positive experience and would certainly help to prevent future health issues.

Sally Rockenbach

Spencer has always steered me in the right direction with any health issues ever since he miraculously cured a chesty cough just by touch. He has a very calming approach and you can really feel his positivity when you’re in the room with him. Amazing human being.

Richard Hutson

I’ve had kinesiology with Spencer and it completely cured my back pain from a dislocated coccyx! Something the doctors told me they couldn’t do anything about. Highly recommended!

Cary-Anne Hornsey

Spencer picked up on a surprising amount of issues that I thought weren’t linked. It was as if he helped me put the pieces together to understand the whole picture of why certain aliments were turning up. He give me a clear concise plan of action and followed up to see how I was getting on, it’s rare to see this much care and attention to detail. My life gets really busy however I want to stop by and check in with Spencer from time to time to help keep me balanced and healthy.

Nigel Gosling
Personal Trainer, London

I had been having a stressful time at work. It seemed like the world was against me. My stomach was in knots on a daily basis. After a visit to Spencer and a little bit of work and the right supplements I felt ready to take on the World. Stress?? What stress?? I highly recommend Spencer and his treatments.

Gary Lucas

Anyone thinking of Kinesiology should go and see Spencer… “Doctor Spencer!” Licensed to Heal.


Zaki Masood

Spencer’s treatment and recommended supplementation quickly took me from regularly experiencing nervous tension in my body to a state of feeling expansive, calm, grounded and confident – he is a skilled and intuitive practitioner working on many levels and I’d highly recommend his services. I was getting seriously run down with frequent colds, one treatment with nutritional advice and no more sickness!

Jack Waspe

It was a very useful session to find out the nutrition that my body and baby needed during my pregnancy, and I would recommend to any pregnant ladies. On my recent check up, I have been told my iron and calcium level are good, thanks to the supplement that you advised to take.

Lisa Chong

I went to see spencer west as I was intrigued by kinesiology and the prospect of finding out what vitamins and minerals by body was lacking In. I am a gym addict and always looking to find new ways of improving my performance and physique. Spencer found that I was seriously lacking in several vitamins and minerals and he put me on a supplement stack designed to improve things. I can honestly say that this has worked a treat! One month after starting the supplement stack and not only has my gym performance massively improved. My physique Is looking better and I feel really healthy! I would recommend it to anyone.

Simon Hutson
Flush Away Illness

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